Eleagnos Rooftop

The most exciting view of Thessaloniki

Exclusively made for all the guests of Imperial Hotels

Like chilling in the clouds

From the morning until the night! Eleagnos Rooftop at Imperial Plus serves an all-day finger deli & eclectic drink experience exclusively made for all the guests of Imperial Hotels. The comfortable indoor and outdoor design with contemporary amenities is following a clear, yet sophisticated philosophy of a new formal attitude. Stay tuned for the upcoming fine dining menu curated by chef Konstantinos Kostopoulos only for the guests of Imperial Hotels.

The menu

Our balanced menu is influenced by the colors and aromas of the Mediterranean spirit. It consists of selected platters with fine appetizers based on the varieties of Greek olive oil and traditional cuisine and it is served with a wide selection of the most premium wine and cocktails list for every taste. Additionally, two special homemade pastries are included for sweet lovers.

The interior

The best all-day finger deli & eclectic drink experience ever. A modern environment designed with exceptional details in minimal, urban style is always ready to please your expectations.

The exterior

A visit to Thessaloniki has not been completed if you miss the incredible view of the city from Eleagnos rooftop. The highest point of view promises a breathtaking view of almost all the highlights of Thessaloniki. Discover it by day and night.

A different nightlife

New talk of the town in Thessaloniki means a new nightlife hotspot for everyone in the city. Nice and smooth atmosphere, an easy-lounge design with luxurious comforts can offer every guest unforgettable moments of entertainment.

The story behind the name

A story of purity and clearness. The plant of eleagnos is an evergreen shrub. Its name is a compound Greek word. The first part of the name, elea-, is coming from the Greek word ‘ἐλαία’, which means ‘olive’, the plant symbol of the ancient goddess of wisdom,  Athena. The second part may be from the Greek word ‘ἂγνος’, which means ‘pure’. This combination harmoniously reflects our way of thinking about hospitality services; being smart and comfortable is a new form of luxury. Our way to welcome and please our guests.

27 May 2022